Tips for Landing an Energy Engineering Internship With Tesla in 2024

As you pursue your degree in energy engineering, an internship with a leading innovator like Tesla can be a defining career experience. With competition fierce for the limited intern slots, positioning yourself as a strong candidate is key. From honing relevant skills to networking and preparing a stellar application, strategic planning and persistence are crucial. 

This article provides insightful guidance to help you stand out and maximize your chances of securing an energy engineering internship with Tesla in 2024. With dedication and purposeful preparation, you can gain invaluable hands-on training and set yourself up for a bright future in renewable energy.

Getting Your Foot in the Door: Building the Perfect Resume for a Tesla Energy Engineering Internship

Emphasize Relevant Coursework and Skills

Tesla values candidates with a degree in engineering, computer science, or a related technical field. Highlight relevant coursework,projects, and skills you have gained that align with Tesla’swork in renewable energy and batteries. Coursework in thermodynamics, power systems, and electric machinery will demonstrate your knowledge in energy engineering fundamentals. Any experience with CAD software, data analysis, or programming languages like Python are highly desirable.

Include Related Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Roles

Tesla seeks interns who are passionate and take initiative. Include any related extracurricular activities, clubs, or leadership roles in student organizations you have participated in. For example, membership in IEEE or participation in an energy-related design competition would reflect your enthusiasm for the field. Leadership roles also demonstrate soft skills that are important for any internship.

Emphasize a Growth Mindset in Your Cover Letter

In your cover letter, express a passion for Tesla’s mission and a desire to learn. Discuss how you stay up-to-date with advancements in renewable energy and battery technology. Explain that you are looking to gain valuable experience by contributing to meaningful work that will have an impact. Convey a growth mindset by stating you wish to develop technical and professional skills that will benefit you in your career.

With a polished resume emphasizing the right qualifications, extracurricular activities, and a cover letter that expresses a passion for the work, you will make a strong case for becoming Tesla’s next energy engineering intern.

Tips for Landing an Energy Engineering Internship With Tesla in 2024

Standing Out From the Crowd: Tips for Acing the Tesla Internship Interview

Demonstrate Your Passion for Tesla’s Mission

Tesla seeks candidates with a genuine passion for accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. In your interview, convey your enthusiasm for Tesla’s mission and vision. Discuss how you have followed Tesla’s progress or even own one of their products. Share ideas on how you would like to contribute to their environmental and technological goals as an intern. Your passion and vision will resonate with the interviewer.

Develop Technical Skills and Knowledge

As an engineering intern at Tesla, you will need to hit the ground running. Spend time learning skills that will be useful for the role, e.g. programming languages like C++ or Python, knowledge of EV systems, or software like MATLAB. Read extensively about Tesla’s technologies and products. Come prepared to discuss how you have developed relevant technical abilities that would allow you to thrive in the internship.

Ask Insightful Questions

The interview is also your opportunity to determine if the internship is the right fit for your goals. Come prepared with thoughtful questions that demonstrate your enthusiasm and knowledge about the role, team, projects, etc. For example, you might ask what a typical day is like for an intern on the team or what key projects you may be involved in. Your questions signal your motivation and help you make an informed decision about the internship.

With the right preparation and enthusiasm, you can ace the interview for an engineering internship at Tesla. Convey your passion for their mission, develop relevant technical skills, and ask intelligent questions. By standing out from the crowd in this way, you will increase your chances of joining the Tesla team for an unforgettable summer internship experience. Best of luck!

Set Yourself Up for Success: How to Make the Most of Your Tesla Internship Experience

Do Your Homework

Prior to your first day, research the company and role in depth. Understand Tesla’s mission, values, technologies, and products. Review the job listing for your internship position again and brush up on any required skills or software. The more you know going in, the faster you’ll be able to onboard and start contributing value.

Take Initiative and Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions, but also take initiative when possible. Look for opportunities to take on additional responsibility and make meaningful contributions. Express your interest in any projects that excite you. With an internship at an innovative company like Tesla, you’ll have a chance to work on cutting-edge and impactful work. Pursue those opportunities proactively.

Network and Build Mentorships

An internship is a chance to build your professional network. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself to executives and leaders. Look for potential mentors who can offer guidance and advice to help you develop in your role and career. Building strong relationships with colleagues and managers can lead to future job opportunities and open doors down the line.

Reflect and Evaluate

Take time to reflect regularly on your internship experience. Evaluate what you’re enjoying and learning, as well as any areas you want to improve. Meet with your manager to get feedback and set new goals. An internship at Tesla is meant to help prepare you for a career, so be proactive in determining how you can maximize your growth and development in the time you have. With the right mindset, you’ll position yourself well for future opportunities.

Making the most of your internship opportunity at Tesla requires preparation, hard work, and a dedication to constant learning and improvement. But for those passionate about technology and innovation, an internship here offers an unparalleled experience that will change the trajectory of your career for the better. Come ready to work hard and open to new ideas, and you’ll thrive.


The energy engineering field is rapidly evolving, and a Tesla internship provides invaluable experience at the cutting edge. By developing relevant skills, networking intentionally, and highlighting your passion, you’ll be ready to land this competitive opportunity. Approach each connection as a chance to learn, stay up-to-date on Tesla’s latest developments, and keep your resume polished. An internship with Tesla will accelerate your career in energy engineering. Approach the application strategically and authentically to demonstrate your potential. With preparation and perseverance, you can gain that coveted Tesla internship in 2024.

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